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Wateret Profiling uses a fine water mixed with a fine abrasive material to cut through a range of hard materials. The waterjet runs out at around 60,000 psi (4137 BAR), to give you an idea of how powerful this is a normal tap is usually around 40 - 70 PSI (3 - 5 BAR). This allows the cutting of any shape, without and heat stress or distortion in the material.

It is now becoming a more commonly used throughout many industries including engineering, tile manufacturing and many others. It is used to aid with fabrication or manufacturing of parts, similarly it can be used for creating sinage and lettering, for example pool depth marker cut into tiles or name plates in natural stone.


Wateret Profiling is  very unique process that allows us to attract work from many different industries. We currently work with some of teh industries listed below:

  • Aerospace

  • Defence

  • Spaceflight Simulator

  • Motor Sport

  • Marine

  • Architectural and Art

  • Sign Industry

  • Electronic and Semiconductors

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Tile Companies/ Fittters

  • Stone Masons

  • Construction

Waterjet Cutting

The reason we are able to diversify into so many different areas is because of the long list of benefits of using waterjet profiling.

Benefits of using waterjet profiling

  • Some Materials may be sensitivbe to high temperatures when being cut. A waterjet will help prevent this becoming an issue.

  • Waterjet cutting provides a smooth precision cut.

  • The process doesn't give off any harmful fumes like Laser or Plasma.

  • The profiling method provides good versititlity and can cut almost any material.

  • The Process is a cold cutting process not anealing any edges. Making it easier to work with afterwards.